A Country Beyond Your Imagination


Most people think of Switzerland, may connect it with beautiful landscapes, banks, watches, neutrals country and etc., but when you get to know this country, you will find that the definition made by those words is far from enough to describe the country, and you will involuntarily look for more beautiful adjectives to depict this country.

大多数人提到瑞士,或许会联想到山水美景,银行,钟表,中立国这些词汇,但当你深入了解这个国家,你会发现,这些词汇定义的瑞士远不足以形容这个国度, 不由自主地寻找更多的美好的形容词。


A country of Landscape

The heavenly beauty of Switzerland might come from beloved colors of God’s generous gift. The white snow, blue lake, green vegetation, no matter in the city or in the countryside, you can easily find a combination of these three colors. Even if you are a novice photography, taking a photo readily then it records the most beautiful scenery。






Switzerland is more than just these threecolors. From the woods on the edge of the road to the plants along theroadside, the flowers of Swiss balcony invariably decorate this naturalpicture. More than 40% of the forest coverage and large areas of the pasture, youwill no longer feel the burden on the air.



Developed Banking and Watch Industry

The famous Swiss watch and banking are two important components of the Swiss economy, but also the most reliable Swiss advertisement for the international market. Even people who do not know Switzerland, might heard of Swiss watches and banks. The banking system has a clear standard, a complete and wide range of services. Professional and high-quality customer service. Those advantages keep it in a strong competitive position in the international financial industry.






Swiss watches provide a wide range of choices, especially in top watch brands.。Swiss watchmaking industry is very strict, the embodiment of the spirit of excellence craftsmanship in watch industry gives people a sense of trust and inheritance for Swiss watches.



Livable choice

Having been selected as most livable cities or countries can prove the high quality of life in Switzerland. Picturesque scenery, convenient transportation, safe and stable society, and strong security all double the happiness of the Swiss people. Switzerland's investment and development in tourism can also ensure that visitors will fully experience the Swiss extreme during their stay in Switzerland.






Switzerland is not only equals to natural landscape, the city's culture, lifestyle also worth the experience. Trams in the city, cafes on the road, restaurants by the lake, summer music and the combination of natural beauty are all Swiss beauty labels. The combination of city and nature, Switzerland will give you an unbelievable experience, beyond your imagination.



City of Bear

As the capital of Switzerland, Bern is also a bear-named city. The medieval style of the Old Town is well- preserved and the 800-year-old Berne is still alive today. The 16th century bell clock tower, the Bern Gothic cathedral—Muenster, built from 14th century, the Bear Pit, the various fountains, the Einstein House and bears hidden throughout the city all quietly wait for the world's exploration.






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